2024 Travel Trends

As we step into 2024, geopolitical tensions, conflict, a volatile economy are many reasons to be despondent as we enter a new year. However, the travel industry remains resilient, and a positive vehicle for change.
Here are 24 travel trends that we are excited to explore with our clients and travel industry friends:
  1. Sustainable Travel Surges: Travellers are increasingly eco-conscious, opting for sustainable accommodations, eco-friendly transportation, and carbon-neutral experiences.
  2. Set jetting: Call it silver screen sightseeing or set-jetting – holiday goers will continue to book travel in 2024 based on the backdrops from their favourite television shows and movies.
  3. Shoulder Season travel: Spring and winter in some destinations or otherwise known as the “shoulder seasons” mean they are windows in time when travel crowds have lightened, flights and hotels are more affordable, and temperatures are milder.
  4. Authentic Local Experiences: Travellers seek authentic connections with local cultures, fostering meaningful interactions and supporting community-based tourism.
  5. Health & Wellness Retreats: Wellness-focused travel gains momentum, with more resorts and destinations offering holistic experiences focused on rejuvenation and self-care.
  6. Destination dupes: something that looks and feels similar to something else, but isn’t quite the real thing. In 2024 this will be spilling into travel, as tourists look for more affordable and less busy alternatives to some of the world’s most sought-after destinations. Think cruising in Greenland instead of Antarctica.
  7. Workations and Bleisure Travel: The blending of work and leisure continues, with remote work options prompting longer stays in exotic locales.
  8. Regenerative Travel: Travellers engage in activities that contribute positively to the environment and local communities, leaving a beneficial impact behind.
  9. Off-the-Beaten-Path Destinations: Adventurous travellers seek lesser-known destinations, discovering hidden gems and escaping overcrowded tourist spots.
  10. Contactless Travel: Going off grid and having a real digital detox
  11. Solo Travel Empowerment: Solo travel, especially among women, is on the rise, fostering independence and self-discovery.
  12. Culinary Tourism: Food-centric travel experiences gain popularity, with travellers exploring local cuisines through immersive culinary tours and cooking classes.
  13. Micro-Trips and Weekend Getaways: Shorter, more frequent trips become prevalent as people crave quick escapes and mini-adventures.
  14. Pet-Friendly Travel: Pet owners explore pet-friendly accommodations and activities, allowing their furry companions to join in on the travel experience.
  15. Carbon-Neutral Transportation: More emphasis on electric vehicles, sustainable aviation fuels, and other eco-friendly modes of transportation to reduce carbon footprints.
  16. Cultural Immersion through Language Learning: Travellers immerse themselves in local languages, fostering deeper connections and understanding of different cultures.
  17. Adventure and Extreme Tourism: Thrill-seekers pursue adrenaline-fuelled experiences like extreme sports, mountain treks, and remote expeditions.
  18. Multigenerational Travel: Families and groups travel together, seeking destinations and activities catering to different age groups and interests.
  19. Art and Creativity Tourism: Creative hubs and art-centric destinations attract travellers interested in exploring diverse artistic expressions and cultural movements.
  20. Slow Travel Movement: Travellers embrace a slower pace, focusing on deep exploration of fewer destinations, immersing themselves in local life.
  21. Accessible Travel: Improved accessibility features in accommodations and attractions cater to travellers with disabilities, ensuring inclusivity.
  22. Sports tourism: People are taking their fandom out of the house and following a host of different sports in destinations across the world, planning trips that hinge around seeing games, races, and other activities in exotic locales.
  23. Eco-Retreats and Glamping: Eco-friendly retreats and glamping experiences offer luxury in harmony with nature.
  24. Cruise Ship Innovations: Cruise liners integrate sustainability measures and cutting-edge technologies to offer immersive, eco-conscious voyages on the seas.
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