Pippa Rose Travel is everything that hotel-sourcing websites and cut-price airlines are not. It’s the stress free answer to holiday planning – it’s about personalised trips and special occasions that take into account your taste, your wants, your wish list. It is rather like having your own, expert concierge who will not only create or suggest itineraries but look after you every step of the way.

Founded by Pippa O'Keefe, this venture is a result of her own experience, her sense of adventure and, of course, her personal passion. With a background in sales, marketing and PR for some of the biggest names in the luxury travel sector, Pippa has developed an address book of powerful players in the business. Her clients can tap into her knowledge and know they couldn’t get better recommendations, or help with everything from easier flight routes to private events.

Think of Pippa as your very own, dedicated personal concierge who knows the nooks and crannies of many a destination, from small but perfectly-formed boutique hotels, to luxurious health and well-being retreats, to awe- inspiring sights that you can only get close to if you have the right connections.

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